Monday, August 12, 2013

Fuste petrecute din matase

Fuste petrecute din matase.
Fustele sunt facute din bucati de saree si sunt cu 2 fete, total diferite, pentru ca sunt materiale diferite.
Pot fi purtate atat ca fuste, cat si ca rochii, in diferite moduri.
Marime universala
Pret 95 lei orice model

Modelul 1

Modelul 2

 Modelul 3

Modelul 4

Model 5

 Modelul 6

 Modelul 7

Modelul 8

Modelul 9

Modelul 10

Modelul 11

The Magic Wrap is a vintage, double-layered silk-blended wrap skirt – a fashionable masterpiece! Each individual skirt is hand-made by Artisans in India, from Vintage Indian Saris and unique Indian prints, – each and every piece carries its own blend of print, color, and fabric characteristics. The versatile Magic Wrap skirt can be converted into beautiful Dresses, Tops, Shawls, and cover ups to achieve any number of looks, from simple, to sexy, to sophisticated.
With limitless creativity, these timeless pieces can be worn in endless ways and for any occasion. The Magic Wrap becomes evening/cocktail attire when you add metallic jewelry, heels and accessories! We highly recommend gold, silver or bronze heels, sandals, thongs and earrings. Often the skirts have metallic decorative stitching in the trim. Metallic accessories also take the skirt from different to extraordinarily FABULOUS!
Our Magic Wrap skirt is the most valuable and wearable garment you will ever purchase. What other item of clothing do you own that gives you so many different looks? This Ultra-feminine piece is a collector’s item. No two skirts are identical, so you will never wear your Magic Wrap and find that someone else is wearing the same one.
How Many Different Ways Are There To Wear The Magic Wrap?

Remember, that because Magic Wrap is completely reversible, it allows for at minimum, 15 different "looks" and counting…With limitless creativity, these timeless pieces can be worn for any occasion. Wear it however you would like, be creative!
So many! With new creative ways to wear discovered nearly every day… the Magic Wrap can be converted into beautiful dresses, tops, shawls, cover-ups, achieving any number of looks from simple, to sexy, to sophisticated.The Magic Wrap can be worn as lingerie if you wrap it around your torso and match it with cute satin panties! Our "Ways to Wear" brochure provides you with 15 different ways to wear the skirt. But you can find at least 60-100 ways to wear yours.

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